Building Our Community (Grades: K-3)
What does it take to grow a community and make it a better place to live? Students will explore how African American community workers made Maryland neighborhoods safer, how citizens like Bea Gaddy solved community problems and how historic black communities such as Turner Station were formed. Students will role play as community builders and workers.
Heritage (Grades: 3-12)
Experience the rich, cultural heritage of Maryland’s African American community. See how African Americans established and influenced social organizations, work traditions and artistic customs.
Pioneers and Trailblazers (Grades: 3-12)
Discover African American pioneers and leaders who contributed to Maryland’s history through labor, the arts, education, politics and community activism. 
Paths to Freedom (Grades: 4-12)
What was the institution of slavery like for the African American community in Maryland? Explore the story of slavery through the eyes of enslaved and free blacks from Maryland’s colonial past through the end of the Civil War. 
The Fight for Justice (Grades: 4-12)
Examine the contributions made by Maryland African Americans in the battle for social justice in the civil rights movement. Investigate self-help methods used by the African American community to dissolve segregation.