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Whether your institution is preparing for a visit from a foreign delegation or would like to share some American history with its visitors, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum has dynamic banner exhibitions to rent for a day or several months. These banners offer a wealth of information regarding African American experience in Maryland and beyond. Subjects range from racial desegregation in the post-World War II era to the triumphs of swimmers and tennis players at Baltimore's treasured Druid Hill Park.


Distant Echoes: Black Farmers in America



Druid Hill Park: A Community's Pride






Courtship on the boat lake. Image courtesy of the Afro American Newspapers Archives and Research Center.


One Night in ’64: African American Voices and Television in the Civil Rights Era











Sisters, Soldiers: Black Women and the Modern Military









In England, Maj. Charity E. Adams and Capt. Abbie N. Campbell inspect members of the first black contingent of the Women’s Army Corps assigned to overseas service. Image courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration.


From the Ashes of a Dream: Race and Revitalization Since MLK












Sports and Race in America: Morgan State Men’s Lacrosse Teams, 1970-1975