Facilities Technician

Facilities Technician


Position Summary

The Facilities Technician handles building maintenance and repair of an 80,000 sq. ft. history and culture museum in downtown Baltimore. The Facilities Technician is an essential staff position and may be asked to work varying hours for special events, programs, and due to weather conditions. The Facilities Technician will organize, schedule, and coordinate all facets of building maintenance limitations established by the Director of Architectural Services (or Building Manager). This position takes pride in the cleanliness and functionality of the facility and at all times maintains a high standard of a well maintained environment for staff, clients and visitors.


Primary Responsibilities


·         Maintains and keeps records of maintenance supplies

·         Maintains and keeps records of maintenance equipment and materials

·         Maintains and keeps records of weekly meetings

·         Organizes, schedules and coordinates all facets of repair and maintenance of various

          spaces in the museum

·         Supports museum staff with basic infrastructure services such as power, light, heating,

          cooling, and the installation of furniture and fixtures

·         Conducts regular inspections of the museum building and grounds; makes

         recommendations for improvements and repairs, and performs repairs when necessary

·         Facilitates and/or performs repairs on museum equipment

·         Ability to be “on call” for emergencies at all times

·         Informs the Director of Architectural Services (or Building Manager) of all problems and

         potential problems

·         Performs assigned and/or encountered duties as directed by the Director of Architectural

         Services (or Building Manager)

·         Inspects the building interior, exterior and adjacent areas for safety, functionality and

         general good repair

·         Inspects areas to ensure compliance with established safety, and security standards

·         Report accidents, property pilferage and misuse

·         Performs set up, break down and cleaning for special events, meetings, rentals, etc.

·         Performs other duties of similar scope and complexity as necessary


Skills and Qualifications


·         Requires excellent customer service and communication skills

·         At least 5 years of experience in building maintenance with experience working with

         physical building systems and equipment repair and maintenance

·         Knowledge of construction and building trades; electricians, boiler and chiller mechanics,

         plumbers, carpenters, cement masons, welders

·         Sensitivity to the safety and security procedures necessary to protect personnel, visitors,

         and public property

·         General maintenance will require heavy lifting, pulling and pushing, carrying, grasping,

         reaching, stooping, crawling and crouching

·         Strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills

·         Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent

·         Must be able to lift 50 lbs, climb ladders, sit and/or stand for extended periods of time

·         Other combinations of applicable education, training and experience, which provide the

         knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position, may be



Reporting Responsibility


Director of Architectural Services (or Building Manager)