Kwanzaa Celebration with Founder of Kwanzaa


Dr. Maulana Karenga, founder of Kwanzaa, joins this year's Kwanzaa Celebration to make it extra special. Sankofa Dance Theater entertains us with storytelling and African dancing. Beatboxer Shodekeh joins them for an electrifying, improvised “Drum Talk." An interactive children’s workshop on the principles of Kwanzaa is led by Culture Kingdom Kids. Shop at the African marketplace of crafts, clothing, and more.

12:30pm Dr. Karenga discusses “Celebrating and Living Kwanzaa: Sowing and Harvesting Seeds of Good.”

1:30pm Shodekeh and Sankofa Drummers
Sankofa Dance Theater brings magic to the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, and vocal styles of the African and African-American musical tradition. Their repertoire spans across time from ancient African calls, chants, and songs to new world hip hop with the rhythmic, pulsating variety of percussion blended to create music… Many percussive sounds become one.

2:30pm Griot Storytelling by Kibibi Ajanku
The Griot is the historian in the African village, but is known as the storyteller in the modern world. Sankofa Dance Theater takes storytelling to new heights by adding a musical backdrop, drama, song, and sometimes dance. Some stories are Old World, taking the listener on a travelogue journey all the way into the village. Others are New World and cutting edge in a way that bridges yesterday, today and tomorrow.

3:30pm Sankofa Dance Theater Showcase Finale
This performance is a celebration of African heritage and showcases authentic traditions of the “Motherland” through music, movement, and folkways. The Company presents five electrifying numbers charged with ethnic authenticity. The dancers and drummers create the magic of “Sankofa” in full traditional African “costumes”, and all music is live percussion…sure to diversify, entertain, and awaken.

Listen to Dr. Karenga, creator of Kwanzaa, speak about the holiday's origins on WEAA with Marsha Reeves Jews December 23, 2013. Download mp3 or click in the box to stream:

Sankofa Dance Theater

Shodekeh, beatboxer

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Special admission: $5

Date and Time
Saturday, December 28, 12:00 pm
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For more information call 443-263-1829