Reflections of Baltimore: Channel Heal - The Writer's Room with Wickerham & Lomax



Opens July 12th and Runs Through August 1, 2018


Channel Heal: The Writer’s Room is a work intended to survey various metaphysical phenomena and explore their use as correctives to conflict and trauma. The phenomena engaged in this exhibition include: physicality (the physical attributes of a person); mysticality (relating to the spiritual or symbolic), egotism (excessive focus on the self), and transcendence (going beyond ordinary limits).

Wickerham & Lomax have transformed The Reginald F. Lewis lab space into a writer’s room, a stage, where themes will be discussed and collected as reference material for a future endeavor entitled Channel Heal – a video platform chronicling various Baltimore creatives in their transgressive acts – acts that may go beyond established limits or boundaries. On display are newly fabricated pieces that are aberrations of objects typically used by those in the film and television industry. Dry erase boards, clocks, and post-it notes are sample props of the televisual writer, and in this exhibition they crystallize or define moments that would either be provisional or serve to transform the thoughts, ideas, and gestures into an artwork.

The artists work in the space of complicating binary oppositions – virtual vs. real, individual vs. group, and narrative vs. nonsensical. In this exhibition the installation and subsequent programs work in tandem to present both platform and action as a way of externalizing thoughts on conflict and trauma. Ultimately they will be transitioned into form.


Join us for our Channel Heal work sessions. Contribute art and dialogue to the space with the artists. Sessions start at 6p:


7/12 - Opening Reception



7/18 - Mysticality & Physicality



8/1 - Egotism &Transcendence



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