Nelson Mandela: Madiba - Photographs of a Legend

At Home Among Children by Benny Gool


At Home Among Children by Benny Gool


August 8 – December 5, 2015

Over three momentous decades, Benny Gool, a South African photojournalist, was privileged to chronicle the public and private life of Nelson Mandela. His archive contains tens of thousands of images that portray the inspirational story of one of history’s most respected and compelling leaders.

This exhibition pulls images from that archive. They capture moments that are memorable, historic, intimate, and cherished. Throughout, we also see the infectious humor, grace, and humanity that Mandela indelibly stamped on our lives.

About the Artist
It was in the guise of an anti-apartheid and human rights activist that Gool first picked up a camera to begin documenting the injustices of a divided nation. He went on to capture the inexorable and stirring transition to democracy, the tumultuous truth and reconciliation process, and South Africa’s “homecoming” as a respected member of the global community in which Nelson Mandela was principal.

Capturing images of Mr. Mandela and his homeland has been Gool’s life work which is a time capsule reflecting a defining era in world history, and will echo on its pages for centuries to come. It documents not only one man’s walk to freedom but also that of a nation.

This exhibition was curated by Asantewa Boakeywa.

Saturday, August 8 to Saturday, December 5
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